Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guinness Book of Worlds Records, Here I Come

Ever wanted to get into the Guinness Book of World Records? Well, so have I. Only problem was, I didn't have the talent (or some freakish abnormality) to make it in. As a youngster, my friends and I tried hundreds of acts of daring or skill we thought we just might be able to master. We caught coins off our elbow (world record is 338 coins), pogo sticked as long as we possibly could (world record is over 23 miles), and tried to catch a raw egg as far as we could possibly throw one (world record is 332 feet). Needless to say, we never came close but I thank you Mike, Jeff, Danny and Steve for all giving the effort.

Fast forward a few years and it looks like I will finally get the opportunity to fulfill this lifelong dream. It's rare that something like this comes along but when it did, I had no choice. And so, this weekend I will hopefully make that dream come true. There are factors that play into succeeding but the attempt will be made and hopefully, come Saturday afternoon, history will be made.

I will post the outcome this on Sunday along with a few pictures to document this momentous time of my life and in the mean time, wish me luck.