Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tales of Success

Sometimes it's those stories of an underdog that help motivate and keep people focused on a goal. How one persons persistence and motivation helped them overcome the odds and make it. These stories allow us to take a peek inside the trials and tribulations they went through and let us know we're not the only ones facing adversity and that there can be a positive outcome. And one common thread that seems to prevail in all these stories is that it takes work. Hard work.

I came across one of these stories while skimming through posts on Critique Circle. A woman who loved writing and reading finally decided it was time to follow her dream and write a novel. And like any aspiring writer, she quickly learned it wasn't easy. After submitting some of her writing and receiving loads of feedback, she realized she needed to work at getting better. And she did. Chapter after chapter she wrote and submitted for critique, plugging along and making suggested changes. Until one day when it was finally finished.

Flash forward and this author self published her novel, selling over 70,000 e books on Amazon! And now an agent has queried her about representing her! There are talks in the thread about film rights, international publishing, etc.

And so I huddle behind my laptop, punching out plot lines and tightening up characters. Reading critiques and admitting there are areas I need to improve upon and keeping a goal in sight. Where it ends up I have no idea. But I know that my goal of putting together a readable novel is in no ones hands but mine and that it won't be easy. But it will be rewardable in more ways than one.

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