Monday, March 7, 2011

Perhaps a New Business

So this weekend while my wife was out of town, the kids and I decided to do a little project. My daughter suggested we do something in the kitchen to which my son reluctantly agreed. While my culinary skills would rival Betty White on the gridiron, I decided to put a little thought and research into it and came up with something the three of us would enjoy, frozen bananas. The directions looks relatively simple and a few dollars spent at the grocery store was all it took. That evening we sliced bananas into halves, stuck popsicle sticks in them and put them into the freezer for the next day.

Problem number one arose when I tried to melt the chocolate on the oven using a glass bowl snuggled into the top of a pan with water. The directions said to bring the water to a mild boil (is there such a thing?) and then stir the chocolate as it melts. Now, perhaps I didn't understand the term "mild" which resulted in a glob of goo that resembled a mud ball. So back to the store for more chocolate, a little more research on the internet and the decision to use the microwave. Ahhh, success.

The three of each took turns dipping the frozen fruit into the liquid chocolate and then had our choice of candy sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, nuts, or coconut to sprinkle on our creations. And when it was all said and done I was amazed at how professional our little project turned out!

Which got me to thinking (always the entrepreneur) this would make a great business! There are a number of these little shacks around town that offer snow cones, why not frozen bananas? Customers could choose their toppings to go along with regular chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate. And they are somewhat healthy! So why not get our own banana shack and get it going (I know this is somewhat a rip off of Arrested Development but who cares. It's a great idea.)

I know this will probably never come to fruition but there will probably be a day when I start seeing banana shacks pop up around town and I can say to the kids, "You know, we kinda started that."

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