Saturday, March 12, 2011

What I've Learned in Three Weeks

Well, three weeks down (or should I say 21 days since it is a ninety day program and not a twelve week program!). So this is the point when things start to become habit and therefore should be a little bit easier, right? And actually, they are getting there. I'm finding the workouts I set for myself are not quite as difficult and I attribute this to knowing what my body can do. In other words, the first few workouts I would push myself to the burn and it was hard! But now I know what that burn is and that I am perfectly capable of doing it so it really has become easier. And the eating has definitely become more manageable. I find myself forgetting I need to eat. Now, on the other hand, there is that expectation of drastic changes taking place and that is not quite happening yet. You see infomercials and these little hard bodies running around talking about how they have the energy of a small nuclear plant and you want that energy too! Well, I may have gained a little but nothing really noticeable. And I really feel that after three weeks I want to see a six pack and Mens Health muscles. But, as you can see in the photos the difference isn't great but it is coming along. And besides, there's still sixty seven days to go. I can say I have lost just about an inch off the waist but unfortunately I am in a hotel as I write this and according to the scale in the gym downstairs, I now weigh 128 pounds. So I'll be waiting until Monday to get my actual weight.

But probably the biggest lesson is exactly what it is we are changing when we tackle something like this. Most people begin a weight loss program with the goal of changing their body shape. But really, we all can change our body shape but the only way to do that is by changing our mind set. Changing your lifestyle is not an easy task. You must look at developing a long-term plan that incorporates not just changing what you eat or how you exercise, but also how you respond to daily challenges. Because you may be dealing with lifestyle habits that are deeply ingrained, it may take some discipline, focus, determination, and above all, time to alter these habits. The good news is that you can change. Behavioral modification plays a critical role in any weight loss program and, if continuously practiced and applied, will arm you with the tools needed to achieve long-term success. And with these changes I've definitely noticed a difference in my work habits as well. Being in sales, there are many days (or weeks) when things just aren't going the way you planned. But taking what I've been learning in the few short weeks, I find myself pushing harder and keeping the negative thoughts out. So far so good but the real challenge is keeping this up for a heck of a lot longer than ninety days!

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